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Let Your Voice Be Heard: Sharing Your Positive Experiences with Allergy-Friendly Restaurants

FARE's Teen Advisory Group wrote an excellent article about how to handle food allergies when dining out. I loved how they asked diners to consider writing a positive review when a restaurant goes above and beyond to accommodate their food restrictions. I firmly believe in writing these reviews because they not only provide valuable feedback to potential diners but also encourage restaurants to continue prioritizing food allergy issues.

It's a game changer when a restaurant takes your food allergies seriously. You feel more at ease and less anxious about eating your meal. I appreciate restaurants that train their staff (wait and kitchen staff) on food allergies, make sure there is no cross-contamination, provide allergen information on their menus. I will leave positive Yelp reviews for these restaurants to show my gratitude.

The next time you have a positive experience with a restaurant, please take a few minutes to share your experience to help the food allergy community.


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