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Free Food Samples: Proceed with Caution

I was shopping in Target recently when I spotted a kiosk offering samples of power bars. On the kiosk was a whiteboard that listed "soy" as an allergen. I was very impressed that Target made an effort to list this allergen in a prominent way. This suggested to me that Target took food allergies seriously.

Food samples are more common now in grocery stores (like Giant and Trader Joe's) and other retail stores (like Target and Costco). As someone with food allergies, it is helpful to know that others are aware of our struggles and that they are actively looking out to help keep us safe. Giving out samples without any listings can be very dangerous for kids or people who are uninformed and can possibly lead to a hospital visit.

It is always good practice to double-check the packaging to confirm the proper allergens are listed. Stay safe, and happy sampling!


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