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Embracing My Food Allergies: My Journey with Dairy-Free, Peanut-Free, and Banana-Free Delights

My parents first found out I had food allergies when I started to have eczema on my face when I was under one. After running some blood tests, my allergist I discovered I had severe tree nut allergies and allergies to bananas, dairy, and eggs.

My first anaphylactic attack happened when I was four. I remember one of my daycare teachers gave me a snack that contained peanuts (I think it was an accident since they knew I had a peanut allergy). I only remember being taken into an ambulance and going to the hospital. My parents gave me a Thomas tank engine toy to make me feel better. However, from that point forward, my parents and I became more vigilant about my food allergies.

Having food allergies comes with many challenges. At birthday parties, I would never be able to eat the cake because we were never certain that it did not contain any of the foods I couldn't eat. Also, it is difficult to find good desserts that were safe for me. I am usually left with eating sorbet and certain fruits. Going to dinner at another person's house is always tricky because I never know what is being served. I usually eat beforehand so that I won't be hungry.

Over time, I have learned to embrace my food allergies. I realize that I still have many food options still available to me. Like other food allergy warriors, I am really good at adapting and being grateful for what I can enjoy.


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