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Dining with Care: A Guide to Thanksgiving's Hidden Allergens

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are looking forward to sharing a delicious Thanksgiving meal with friends and family. However, those with food allergies often worry about having safe food options during a Thanksgiving feast. I have set forth below some major allergens that show up in unexpected places within your typical Thanksgiving feast.

  • Turkey:

    • Soy: basting broths

    • Wheat: gravies often contain wheat

  • Mashed Potatoes:

    • Milk: some recipes require the addition of butter, milk, and/or cream

    • Wheat: gravies often contain wheat

  • Stuffing:

    • Peanuts/Tree Nuts: some recipes require nuts like chestnuts

    • Wheat: bread is primary ingredient of stuff

    • Egg

    • Milk

    • Soy

  • Pie:

    • Wheat

    • Egg

    • Milk

    • Peanuts/Tree Nuts

It is important to let your host know your food allergies in advance so that there are safe options available for you to eat. Alternatively, you can also bring your own prepared food to ensure you have something to eat.


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