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College Bound? Researching Food Allergy Accommodations on College Campuses

When embarking on the exciting journey of choosing a college, there are numerous factors to consider – from academics to campus culture. However, for students with food allergies, the availability of allergen-friendly dining options is a crucial factor to consider.

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) provides a valuable resource (found by clicking here) to start researching how many U.S. colleges address food allergies. The information on the FARE site was either submitted by the college (as noted by a purple check by the college name) or extracted from public websites.

Here is an example of the details the site provides.

1) Dining Services: The dining services section covers the important information on dining services options. I was particularly interested in whether a college provides ingredient information and has an allergen-friendly station.

2) Campus Life & Disabilities: This section details how the college provides on campus and living accommodations.

3) Emergency Response: This section provides information on whether the college has epinephrine available to deal with severe reactions. As an epi-pen carrier, I would definitely rely on this information to provide me with peace of mind.

As you start your college search, using the FARE's database can help you find the perfect fit for your educational and food allergy needs.


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