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Celebrating National Library Day: Great Books for Young Food Allergy Warriors

As April rolls in, it’s time to celebrate National Library Day on April 9th! It's a perfect holiday to appreciate the magic of books. Books can offer us not only entertainment but also valuable knowledge and insights. For children and teens who have food allergies, books can be an important source of information, which helps them understand their condition better and realize that they are not alone.

Here's a list of recommended children's books for different age groups:

  •  Ages 2-4:  - Daniel Has a Food Allergy (Manushkin) - The Princess and the Peanut Allergy (McClure and Lyon) - Jelly Sandwiches (Argawal) - My Food Allergies: A Children's Book (DeVore) - Lucas Takes His Food Allergies to Daycare (Herr and Amaruddin)

  • Ages 5-8:  - My Perfect Cupcake: A Recipe for Thriving with Food Allergies (Greene) - My Allergies and Me (Laufer) - Someone in Our Class Has Food Allergies (Oman) - Why Can't I Have Cupcake (Childs and Olson) Boo - I Can't Have That, I Have Allergies (Kinsella and Kuhn) - Charlie Learns About Her Food Allergies (Hall and Vitale)

  • Ages 9-11:  - Food Allergy Conqueror: Ollie's OIT Story (Browne)

National Library Day is a great occasion to celebrate the joy of reading and recognize the impact of books. For children and teens dealing with food allergies, a well-selected book can offer comfort and inspiration that they can manage their allergies and they are not alone in their journey.


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