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Are Vegan Options Always Dairy- or Egg-Free?

Veganism has surged in popularity in recent years. The growing demand for vegan food has resulted in more plant-based foods. The Vegan Society is a non-profit organization that helps validate a product's vegan claim. Food products with a Vegan Society trademark allow individuals to make an informed choice when deciding between vegan options.

However, it is important to remember that not all vegan options are automatically dairy- or egg-free. For example, the Vegan Society does not make any claims that products with the Vegan Society Trademark do not have any dairy or egg allergens. If you have a dairy or egg allergy, you should be vigilant about reviewing allergen warnings on "vegan" products (including those with a Vegan Society Trademark). Alternatively, you should consider looking for products that clearly state that the product is "dairy-free" or "egg-free."

Even though food allergy warriors can appreciate the ever-expanding world of vegan options, we should remember to continue to read allergen labels meticulously.


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